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As beautiful as Puget Sound is, its weather conditions can wreak havoc on the nerves of commercial and residential property owners. The area receives an average of nine months of rain every year and dozens of inches of rain. Locals also have to worry about the evergreen trees commonly found in the area. Those tiny pine needles are sharp enough to do some serious damage to roofs with clay, asphalt or composition shingles.

Another common problem facing locals is algae. Algae grow and thrive in any damp space, which can include the roof of a home. Once it reaches the roof, it can quickly move across the shingles and cause discoloration. Even a small amount of algae can change the surface color of shingles or dislodge those shingles from the roof.

Despite the range of different problems facing Puget Sound roofs, many people give little thought to their homes or commercial buildings. They assume that they will catch a problem before it turns into a costly repair. However, that is rarely the case. Anyone who wants to avoid a total roof replacement later should opt for a maintenance plan today.

The best type of maintenance plan varies from house to house and from business to business. Some property owners only need to examine their roofs a few times a year, but others will want to inspect their roofs every month. Those who live in areas with a large number of evergreen trees generally need to inspect their roofs more often.

A full roof inspection as part of a maintenance program will look at the gutters and downspouts to ensure that there isn't anything lodged in those areas and that each piece is firmly secured to the building. Pine needles, trash, litter and leaves can all damage the roof when trapped in the gutters. Maintenance may also involve the cleaning of the roof and checking for any dry rot, discoloration or loose shingles.

Any roof that is five years old or older could benefit from an inspection and some general maintenance. Homeowners can contact Chase NW to schedule an inspection or to inquire about setting up a routine maintenance plan.

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