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Chase Construction NW is a residential roofing company that serves the Auburn, Kent and Federal Way areas. The company offers a free, no-obligation inspection and estimate for roofing maintenance, repairs or replacement.

The company has more than 13 years of experience in residential roofing and has developed an exceptional process for replacing a roof. Their factory-trained installers start by making sure that the homeowner's valuable plants and belongings are protected and not in any harm. Next, the crew will remove the existing roof system and dispose of the shingles.

If the shingles are made of asphalt, they will be recycled and used for roadway repair and construction. Chase NW is a certified "green roofer," which means that they are extremely careful to recycle shingles whenever possible. In addition, they offer several products that qualify for the federal tax credit for Energy Star-rated products.

Once the roof is removed, installers will carefully inspect the roof deck to make sure that it is sound and ready for the new roofing system. Roofers will then install a new roofing system according to the manufacturer's specifications. In order to make sure that a customer's property and home is safe, installers will perform a thorough cleanup following the installation.

The Puget Sound region has one of the highest precipitation rates in the nation. The abundance of both trees and moisture foster the growth of algae and moss on rooftops, and their presence can lead even the best roofs to leak. The best way to prevent moisture damage on a new roofing system is through maintenance. As a part of their complete roofing service, Chase NW offers affordable maintenance packages for both older and new roofing systems. Homeowners can literally save thousands of dollars by preventing attic mold, exterior damage and interior damage.

Chase NW's annual maintenance service includes: High-volume, low-pressure roof cleaning, if necessary, gutter cleaning, moss removal and treatment, shingle sealant to prevent the formation of mold and algae and a 40-point roof inspection with a written report. Homeowners who do not maintain their roofs properly are at risk for voiding the manufacturer's warranty on their roof.

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