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When many people think of metal roofs, they instantly think of the roofs found on older buildings that consists of one or two large pieces of metal secured in place. Manufacturers today now create a wide range of different metal roofs that give homeowners the freedom to select a design that works with the architectural style or design of the roof and the look they enjoy.

Most of the metal roofs today are decorative and useful. Roofing installers will first lay down a type of support system known as decking. Often made of wood, it keeps the metal from sitting directly on the roof of the house. Professionals often use wood decking when installing vertical seam panels. Made from metal, the panels clip together along a shared seam. Homeowners can select from panels made of zinc, steel, copper, aluminum or other types of metal.

Those looking for something more decorative might prefer the style of modular panels. Unlike vertical seam panels that are quite large, modular panels are slightly smaller. The panels have a design embossed or pressed onto the top. This design comes in a variety of different styles that can resemble wood shingles or another roofing material.

While there are a number of benefits associated with a metal roof, its longevity is its biggest advantage. This type of roof can last for a minimum of 40 years up to more than 60 years. Most homeowners also find that they need to spend less on maintenance and the cost of repairs is cheaper than the cost of repairing other types of roofs. Roofing companies can help homeowners better understand the advantages of metal roofs and give them a quote for replacing a roof with metal shingles or panels.

Chase NW receives opportunities to transform homes located throughout Washington. When the roofers work with clients to switch from synthetic shake roofing to a new and improved metal roof, they make sure to teach the client about all the types of metal roofing. When putting in a new metal roof, Chase NW recieves high ratings from all of their very satisfied customers.

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