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Skylights can brighten a home's interior by adding natural light and creating a more spacious feel. However, in some instances, skylights can begin to leak. If leaks are not repaired in a timely manner, mold growth and rotting may occur. Homeowners who suspect their skylight may be leaking should contact a Renton roofing specialist for inspection and repair.

Upon discovering what may appear to be water leaking from a skylight, the homeowner should first ensure the skylight is closed and attempt to find the source of the leak. Oftentimes, homeowners may believe they have a leak only to later discover that they are simply observing pooled condensation. If water appears to be leaking inside the closed skylight, the next step is to have a roofing technician perform a more thorough examination.

The skylight and surrounding area should be inspected from the inside and outside to accurately determine the source of the leak. Shingles and flashing may sometimes be improperly installed and may cause a skylight to leak. Corrosion or pinholes may also indicate damaged flashing. Water is sometimes able to leak into the home if there is extra space between the flashing and roofing material.

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Lifting shingles may also be the culprit. In other instances, the glass itself may have a small crack.

Homeowners who are comfortable accessing their roof with a ladder and doing minor handy work may feel tempted to do their own inspection and minor repairs. However, it is best to hire a professional roofing technician to verify the presence of damage and determine the extent to which repairs are necessary. Many people who choose to perform DIY repairs simply attempt to seal any gaps or cracks they may notice. If more comprehensive repairs are needed, this approach may only serve as a temporary fix. In fact, roofing specialists sometimes find that built up sealants that have been applied by a previous homeowner may contribute to the existing leak.

When choosing a roofing specialist, homeowners should choose a contractor who is properly licensed and experienced in skylight installation and repair. Shopping around and interviewing multiple service providers is highly advisable. Asking people who have had similar work done on their roof may yield a list of potentially qualified roofers. Websites that feature reviews of related businesses may also be helpful. If the homeowner feels uncertain after receiving a consultation or estimate, he or she should seek out a second opinion.

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