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Renton Roofing: Article About When A New Roof Is Necessary

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Most roofs will eventually need to be replaced. Of course, how often a roof needs to be replaced will depend on the type of roofing material used, the quality of that roofing material, whether the roof was installed by a professional Renton roofing contractor and even the size and slope of the roof. Additionally, weather conditions such as sun exposure, heavy rains and freezing temperatures will also affect the longevity of the roof.

Various factors can indicate that it's time for a new roof. For example, when asphalt shingles start to lose their surface granules or when many shingles are torn, curled or missing, a new roof is likely in order. A tile roof might have numerous missing and cracked tiles or have substantial rotting or deterioration of the deck, making it necessary to remove the tiles in order to repair the structure.

Another indication that a new roof might be needed is when the roof starts to leak. Maybe it begins with just a small leak around the flashing, but as a roof ages, leaks are likely to develop in other areas.

The roofing experts at Chase Construction of Renton WA can assist you with any questions regarding roof inspections or residential roofing.

A reputable roofing contractor will be able to inspect a residential roof and give a professional opinion regarding whether repairs or replacement is the best option.

When a roof needs to be replaced, homeowners have a number of options. They can choose to have a new layer of shingles placed over the existing asphalt shingles, or they can opt for a tear off and have the new shingles placed directly on the substructure. There are pros and cons for each choice, so it is important that homeowners do some research before they make a decision.

Another important decision that homeowners will need to make is what type of roofing material they should have installed. Even if the home currently has asphalt shingles, the homeowner will have a number of options. Many property owners choose to have a metal roof installed while others opt for slate, cement or clay tile. One of the biggest factors that will determine the best material is the homeowner's budget. For anyone who wants to keep roofing costs down, an asphalt shingles roof is usually the best option.

Regardless of what type of roofing material the homeowner chooses, it is crucial that they find a professional roofing contractor with experience installing this type of roof. There are many contractors offering roofing services, so it's important that homeowners check references and make sure to choose a reputable contractor.

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