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"Sustainable," a popular buzzword, usually refers to a product that is better for the environment in some way. In the context of commercial roofing, what does sustainable mean? It may be helpful to think of sustainability not as something that has a single definition but as an approach to roofing that might be expressed in several different ways.

Sustainability often refers to the energy efficiency of a roof. A roof might be a lighter color so that it repels heat and allows the building to use less power to cool it, or it may be more a sophisticated design with solar panels or tubes that act to generate more power for the building. An efficiently insulated roof is another example of sustainable roofing. Good roofing insulation means it requires fewer resources to heat and cool the building.

Sustainability can also refer to the materials used in the roof's construction. The roof might be made with materials that are recycled, natural or more durable. A roof that needs less maintenance and lasts longer could be considered sustainable. A Renton roofing company might use materials that do not harm the environment when they are discarded and that biodegrade relatively quickly.

A roof can also be designed in a way to catch storm water, which can then be reused throughout the building.

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Collecting storm water is possible with either a pitched or flat roof design.

Storm water can also be used to water a rooftop garden. This is an unusual but surprisingly practical approach to sustainable roofing as well. Often known as a green roof, it significantly reduces the use of power within a building and extends the life of a roof. At least one study has shown that a building with this type of roof may use a quarter of the amount of air conditioning in the summer, and this in turn leads to longer lasting HVAC and air conditioning systems. Another study showed that green roofing might result in a roof that lasts three times as long. These types of green roofs also help to improve air quality in urban settings and even bring down the overall temperature of a city.

Sustainability exists along a continuum, and commercial roofing is no different. It encompasses a number of different solutions fitting various needs, and it offers significant savings to companies in the long run. A commitment to sustainability can be a sound marketing tool for a company in some industries.

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