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Most homeowners will at some point face the need to have a new roof put on their home. A new roof can be expensive, so it's important that homeowners understand their options and make the best choice not only for the protection of their home but also for their budget.

If a home already has asphalt shingles, it might be possible to have new shingles simply laid right on top of the existing shingles. This can provide a number of benefits, including the ability to save money on labor costs. Removing the old shingles is going to require a great deal of work, and a Renton roofing contractor will factor that into the cost of a new roof. Additionally, the old roofing material that is removed will need to be disposed of, something else that will increase the cost of a new roof.

While installing the new roof over the current shingles is definitely an option, it is important that homeowners realize there are also reasons why this might not be the best solution. In some cases, it's not even possible. Some local building codes will not allow asphalt shingles to be installed on roofs that already have more than one layer of shingles.

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Shingles are heavy, and adding too many layers can cause structural problems. Of course, additional layers of shingles will also increase the roofing costs the next time the home needs a new roof.

Another time when reroofing might not be a good option is if the current shingles are in poor condition. Shingles that are curling or even a roof with large sections of missing shingles will not be a great base for the new shingles. If the roof deck is in bad shape, the old shingles might also need to be removed in order to repair the deck.

One of the biggest reasons to consider a tear off over reroofing is that shingles installed over old shingles simply will not be able to provide the same longevity as shingles installed directly on a clean deck. While a homeowner might be able to save money by reroofing their home, this usually ends up costing them more in the long run. Additionally, a home with two layers of shingles can trap hot air between the layers, increasing cooling costs during hot summer days.

There are definitely pros and cons with each choice, so it is important for homeowners to educate themselves regarding their best option. A professional roofing contractor will be able to help a homeowner determine which method is best for their home.

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