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Many homeowners believe that asphalt shingles are all pretty much the same except for color. Any Renton roofing contractor can attest that this is simply not true. Advances in both materials and manufacturing have allowed shingle companies to incorporate an impressive array of features into their products. Anyone considering replacing their roof would be wise to do some research and see for themselves the innovative products shingle manufacturers are bringing to market.

Premium grade shingles are now produced to mimic other types of roofs when installed. Manufacturers like GAF and Certain Teed offer products that recreate the look of wood shake and slate roofs. These shingles are thicker than the standard 3-tab variety but also heavier. The good news is these upscale shingles generally have a longer life expectancy. They will cost a bit more upfront but give a house a distinctive look that will increase curb appeal. The added weight might become a factor, so it is a good idea to have a contractor inspect a roof's stability before committing to a purchase of these types of shingles.

Some homeowners have noticed the dark streaks and spots that stain older shingle roofs.

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This is from algae build up and is particularly prevalent in humid climates like the Pacific Northwest. Some modern shingle manufacturers incorporate additives that prevent algae from colonizing. Typically, this is accomplished by coating the aggregate with zinc or copper, which inhibits algae growth by gradually leeching out when the shingles become moist.

Asphalt shingles can also contribute to a cool roof by reflecting heat away from a home rather than absorbing it. Most homeowners think of white as the color of a cool roof, but shingles are available in lighter colors such as brown or tan.

Manufacturers apply reflective aggregate to increase their reflective capacity.

After sun damage, the single biggest cause of cracked shingles is impact damage. This usually comes in the form of hail, and the southern states are particularly at risk for this type of damage. Shingles are built to withstand varying amounts of impact without cracking. The UL 2218 standard from Underwriters Laboratory governs these ratings. Homeowners in areas prone to frequent or severe hail storms may even receive a discount on insurance premiums for installing impact resistant shingles.

Asphalt shingles remain one of the simplest options for covering a roof, but it would be a mistake to think of them as ordinary. Talk with a quality roofing contractor and find out what options will work best.

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