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Some homeowners rely on their roofs for protection but may not provide it with the maintenance it needs. Not only does neglecting to maintain a roof shorten its lifespan, but it could also cost the owner of the home money should a problem occur and go undetected. While basic maintenance may be able to be performed by a homeowner, other types of pertinent maintenance may require the skill and knowledge of a Renton roofing expert.Roofs should be inspected after a heavy rainstorm or snowstorm. In general, the focus for those performing basic inspections is to ensure that there is no debris accumulation. When leaves, twigs and other organic materials pile up, they begin to decay and harbor water. If left to sit, the decomposing organic material can actually cause shingles to break down and disintegrate. Further, if this debris collects in the roof valleys, the flow of water during rainstorms can be disrupted.Once any debris has been removed, the roof flashing should be inspected for damage or corrosion. Because the flashing covers weak sections in the roof, such as the seams and joints, any damage or wear could result in water and moisture entering the home's structure. If there is any corrosion visible, the flashing should be replaced as soon as possible to reduce the risk of any damage.

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Finally, the condition of the roof shingles should be investigated. High winds can cause roof shingles to become dislodged and blow away, leaving holes in the roof's outer protective level. Decomposing debris can also leave portions of the roof unprotected from the elements. If the shingles are not replaced in a timely manner, a homeowner risks damage to the roof felt. The shingles and the layer of roof felt are the only two main layers that protect the roof deck from the elements. Since the roof deck is made out of wood, any moisture that the roof deck comes into contact with could result in water damage and mold growth.Homeowners can do their own roof inspection, though a thorough inspection requires the homeowner to actually go up on the roof. Without proper safety equipment or knowledge, the homeowner risks suffering an injury from a fall or causing damage to their roof if they misstep. While requesting an inspection from a roofer may not be practical after every rainfall, it is recommended that a roofer visit a home to inspect the roof at least once a year.

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