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There are many roof types and materials to choose from, but which one is right for a particular home? While the preexisting structure and style of roof chosen by nearby neighbors will undoubtedly influence this decision, a brief overview of roofing types and materials can shed light on what options are available for homeowners. A Renton roofing professional can provide property owners with a free consultation to help them decide what features are right for their area and their property. Roofs fall under the two general slope categories of low and steep.

Low slope roofing has a slope of 14 degrees or less and is typically covered with weather proof, water impenetrable membranes. Most low slope roofs fall under what looks like flat roofs to the lay eye. Low slope roofing membranes generally fall under one of five classifications: tar and gravel, metal panel, sheet membrane, single ply membrane systems and spray polyurethane foam roofing. Three components make up most low slope roofs: weather proofing, reinforcement and surfacing.

Steep slope roofing has a slope of 14 degrees or more and is typically covered with water shedding roof covering.

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Steep slope roofing falls under one of six classifications: asphalt shingles; clay tile and concrete tile; steep slope metal roof systems; slate; wood shakes and shingles; and synthetics, which are imitations of the previous five types of roof coverings. Steep slope systems are typically composed of three primary components: the roof deck, underlayment and the roof covering. However, there are more options for steep slope roofed property owners to enhance their roof's protective capability.

Property owners can have leak barriers installed to protect the areas of their roofs that are most vulnerable to moisture, high winds and precipitation. These barriers are an excellent addition to prevent common interior damages such as leaks, wall and ceiling wet spots and cracks in the ceilings and walls. Another reinforcing feature that property owners can, and often do, add to their roof are ridge and hip cap shingles. These specialty shingles do more than make the ridges and hips of a roof look attractive. They create an extra protective barrier that blocks moisture and precipitation from entering a roof structure's hips and ridges.

In addition to these extra protective features, a professional roofer can also help choose other protective layers and additional applications, such as a gutter guard, that will keep the roof and its underlying structure in great shape for years. A competent roofer will walk property owners through the decision making process and help them decide what features are right for their unique roof.

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