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Roofs are designed to take the blunt force of Mother Nature. Over time, however, Mother Nature wins and causes roofers to lose their protective properties. Most homeowners think that the first sign of something wrong is when their roofs start to leak. On the contrary, roofs give warning signs before leaks occur. These are signs that can be easily spotted by trained Renton roofing professionals. Hiring roofers to do inspections can end up saving homeowners tons of money by catching small warning signs before they become big problems.

One of the first signs that a roof needs to be inspected is pieces or fragments of shingles being found around the base of the house. Although the roof may not have started leaking yet, the fact that shingles are being ripped from the roof means that the roofing underlayment and roofing deck are exposed to the elements. Typically, roofing decks are made from plywood, which stands up to a little bit of moisture before rotting. However, if the homeowner doesn't get the roofing deck covered back up quickly, the entire roof will need to be replaced, including the roofing deck. This can be avoided by simply hiring a professional roofer to inspect the roof.

Another sign that a roof needs a professional inspection is the presence of dangling strips of shingles.

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This issue is pretty rare to see with newly built homes, but homes that are at least six years old may start to see this warning sign. Sometimes a homeowner can see this by scanning the ridgeline of the roof. If it's suspected that shingles are starting to move, the homeowner should take pictures of the roof to compare at a later date. If there is any sign of movement, it's best to contact an expert roofer.

As shingles age, they start to change color but may appear to be sound. However, these shingles typically start to deteriorate quickly. Homeowners who have easy access to their roofs can try bending the discolored shingles upward. If the shingles don't want to bend or break because they are too brittle, this is a sign that other shingles might need to be replaced soon as well.

Homeowners who have steep roofs are in luck because they can easily survey for damage on the ground. Dark specks on the roof, which are often larger than pebbles, could be the start of bigger problems. Homeowners should take note if the dark specks are in random locations. If they are, this may be a sign of hail damage.

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