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From silicone to aluminum, roof coatings use many ingredients to create a better aesthetic or functional repair to any structure. Because they're simply brushed onto a surface, homeowners may be under the impression that coatings are a fix for almost all roof ailments. As any Renton roofing professional will attest, coatings can't fix everything. However, properly applied coatings help roofs with longevity and microorganism issues through the years.

A basic reason to use coatings is simple aesthetics. A metal roof could experience some unsightly weathering, but it's still strong enough against the elements otherwise. Roof coatings give the surface a new color, updating the overall appearance. Roofers can even apply a light color coating to make the home more energy efficient. When the roof reflects most heat, air conditioners may not have to be used as often. Homeowners save on energy costs while improving the property's curb appeal.

When a home has a low slope or flat roof, it has a membrane covering its exterior. This membrane is a tough layer set, but the sun damages it over time. The surface may become lumpy, causing possible ponding. Roof coatings applied to the membrane before major problems arise actually increase a roof's lifespan. Ultraviolet or UV damage is reduced across the membrane with a professionally applied coating, allowing the rooftop to remain intact.

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Some homes may have a mixture of membranes and metal rooftops. In these cases, roof coatings increase material lifespans. By applying specialized coatings to both surfaces, contractors don't have to estimate a new roof for many years. All materials, including underlayment and decking, are preserved under the coated roofing components. Waste from rooftop removal and replacement is reduced, saving the environment from more landfill volume. Homeowners save extensive money with these coatings as well, allowing a sturdy roof to stay in place for many years to come.

There are even roof coatings targeting moss and algae. These microorganisms usually appear on shady and moist roofing materials. Contractors can add coatings to these vulnerable areas to kill off existing moss and algae while eliminating their preferred habitat. If the roof remains dry because of the applied coating, moss and algae can't grow back.

Homeowners should always allow a professional to apply roof coatings. The simplicity of the coating may be tempting to apply for a novice, but roofers use specific tools and application methods to ensure even coverage. It's best to keep everyone off the roof except for trained individuals.

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