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In colder climates, there are specific precautions homeowners can take to protect their roof from experiencing common ice related issues including collapses, leaky flashing and sagging valleys weighed down by ice buildup. Ice can devastate the integrity of the roof and create the need for costly repairs. If snow begins to accumulate against the eaves it can allow water to seep underneath the shingles. Every home is unique in design and features. Homeowners who want to ensure that their roof is properly maintained and free from potential problems can contact a Renton roofing professional to discuss which solutions can best safeguard their roof from damage.

A gable roof is often most ideal in colder climates because valleys and hips are not an issue, which easily collect rainwater, ice and debris buildup. In many cases, valleys are installed for the design element, rather than necessity. Leaks are more likely to develop around valleys than around the seams of a sloped roof. A gable roof is usually easier to vent than roofs that feature several different planes. As a general rule of thumb, the harder it is to frame the roof, the harder it will most likely be to keep it watertight. Gable roofs should feature appropriate rake overhangs for maximum protection from the elements.

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It is best to install vents towards the ridge instead of by the eaves because eaves experience more contact with water than ridges. In colder climates, ice buildup can damage vents that are placed by the eaves. This is why chimneys are typically installed higher up near the ridge of the roof. Gutters are a necessity for protecting the home from rainwater but they should be placed below the plane so they will not trap ice.

Perhaps one of the best roofing materials for climates that experience frequent snow, ice and rain is metal shingles. Metal tends to last much longer than other roofing materials and does not experience as much ice buildup during the winter. Metal roofs also better regulate heat transfer. Specialty snow guards and heating cables can also be installed. Once ice slides off the roof, it will not accumulate on the ground and affect the walkways beneath.

Regardless of personal style preference, there are many different available products that can help to safeguard a roof. Many of these can easily integrate into the existing design and structure of the roof to keep it in optimum shape and increase longevity.

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