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Homes in cold climates, especially areas that are prone to freezing rains and heavy snowfall, are often damaged by ice dams that form on the edges of the roof. Most homeowners have no idea how these ice dams form or that there are things that an experienced Renton roofing contractor can do to help protect their home. Ice dams are a big concern because they can lead to water leaks and other damage.

An important part of preventing ice dams is to make sure that the attic is not only properly insulated but also has adequate ventilation to keep the roof at an even temperature. Ice dams form when the lower edges of the roof remain colder than the upper sections for an extended period of time. As heat from inside the home melts the snow on the upper part of the roof, the water is not able to drain off the roof.

As the water from melting snow reaches the colder edges of the roof, it refreezes, creating an ice dam. The longer this goes on, the bigger the ice dam becomes.

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As the water runs down and hits the ice dam, it will start to back up; this often means the water is making its way under roofing materials and leaking into the attic or walls, creating a great deal of damage.

The best way to protect a roof from developing ice dams is to take preventative measures before the cold weather hits. This means making sure that the R value of the insulation, especially at the ridge, is capable of handling the temperatures for the region. Another important factor is making sure that the attic has enough ventilation to keep the space from developing uneven temperatures. Both of these issues can be handled by an experienced contractor.

If ice dams are a recurring problem, homeowners need to make sure that they get their roof inspected and take steps to prevent future problems. However, if ice dams form during the winter months, there's not much that can be done until the weather starts to warm up some. Fortunately, heating tape may be used to temporarily deal with the problem.

Heating tape can be placed along ice dams to help create channels for water to drain. Minimizing water backup is an essential part of protecting the roof. This can be an effective way to deal with an emergency situation, but heat tape shouldn't be used as an ongoing solution.

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