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Renton Roofing: Article About Prepping For A New Roof Installation

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Eventually, a roof will reach the end of its life, and a new roof will need to be installed. In most cases, a qualified Renton roofing contractor will be providing the new roof installation; however, there are ways that a homeowner can prepare for a new roof install. By making adequate preparations, the homeowner can help the process run more smoothly.

When a homeowner first contacts a roofer to inquire about a new install, it is likely that the roofer will perform an inspection of the existing structure. For example, they may look to see if the roof sheathing and underlayment is still sound or if they should plan to replace these components. They may also check to ensure that that there are no illegally run electrical wires. If a roofer does come across dangerous wires, the homeowner will need to have a licensed electrician remove them.

Second, a homeowner should do some basic research prior to the new roof install. It is recommended that they have a basic understanding of the major roof components and the general roof install process. While they may not be doing the reroofing themselves, having some understanding allows homeowners to make more informed decisions when it comes to the roof.

On the day the install is scheduled to take place, there are several things that the homeowner should do to make the install easier for the roofers.

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If the home has a driveway, it is recommended that all vehicles be removed so that a dumpster can be brought in. Pets and children should be kept indoors or away from the construction as debris could fall off the roof and cause injuries. If the homeowner has a pool, spa or vegetation that could become damaged due to falling debris, a tarp can be placed over these to reduce the risk.

Finally, installing a roof is noisy work. It is highly recommended that homeowners provide adequate warning to their neighbors. The noise could also interrupt the members of the household, so it may be advantageous to arrange for them to stay elsewhere during the construction. It should be noted that there is always a risk that the construction could be delayed if the weather turns foul.

As with any home improvement project, the decision to install a new roof should not be taken likely. Those who have questions or concerns regarding the reroofing process and the materials and products being used in the project should contact their trusted roofer.

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