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Although household rain gutters seem to blend into the exterior woodwork, they are one of the most important parts to a roofing system. Water flowing off the roof would simply pound the ground and create puddles without gutters directing the moisture. A Renton roofing professional inspects the gutters along with the roof at each preventive maintenance appointment. There are several common gutter malfunctions that can occur to any home, so being aware of their characteristics helps the homeowner and contractor find any potential problems.When any gutters appear to bow or bend, it's time to call a professional for a closer inspection. All rain gutters should have a smooth angle as they traverse the roof's edge, even with eaves flashing installed. A dip in the gutter's shape indicates several different problems. From a cracked section to blockage, professionals must verify the problem to repair it before the next rainstorm. Severe blockages may back up water onto the roof, causing possible damage.Long nails hold gutters to the roof's edge, but they can detach at times. Decay or pest infiltration can make the wood surface brittle, allowing the gutter nail to pull out. The gutter appears to float in midair with this problem. Contractors normally remove the gutter section, replace the wood itself and reattach the system to resolve the issue.

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Gutter blockages can be simple or complex, depending on the debris quantity stuck in the system. Contractors use a steady water flow to find all the blockage points. It may be necessary to remove certain gutter sections to physically remove the debris. Not all blockages occur in the open gutter mouths at the roof's edge. Some debris becomes lodged in the downspouts.Downspouts flank the home's corners for most installations, making them vulnerable to damage. Cars and other large items can actually be backed up into the downspout, effectively crushing that section down. Water cannot flow past this point, so contractors must take the time to repair or replace the section to avoid water backup to the roof above.If there is a major problem that occurs with a gutter system during a rain event, contact the contractor immediately. Most reputable contractors have emergency numbers and hours to service customers as necessary. Overflowing gutters contribute to foundation problems, so these systems must be repaired as soon as possible. With a quality emergency repair, the next rainstorm shouldn't be as harmful to the gutter system, allowing it to withstand volumes of water.

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