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Flat roofing remains a common option for commercial and industrial buildings, and it has even experienced a resurgence in some new residential construction. Modern design principles and technology allow for flat roofs that are arguably just as aesthetically pleasing as sloped roofs due to multi level configurations and other features.

Flat roofs serve some practical purposes for Renton roofing customers as well. Perhaps the most important of these is that flat roofs are usually less expensive to install as well as maintain, and the savings can be significant. The longevity of a flat roof is usually around 20 to 25 years, which is at the high end of what one can expect from a standard sloped roof roofed with asphalt shingles.

The most common roofing option for flat roofs is the built up roof. This kind of roof is very popular because the material and labor is relatively inexpensive, and if it requires any maintenance, that is relatively inexpensive as well and can be focused specifically on the problem areas. What really makes the BUR style a home run, however, is that it is cheap but also aesthetically appealing.

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Even basic gravel looks good, and for residential purposes, decorative gravel or other materials can be used for even greater beauty.

The next most popular option is the single ply roofing system, which is achieved by putting down a layer of modified bitumen or a similar material. An advantage to this approach is that it can be even more durable and require even less maintenance than the BUR style. Another benefit is how environmentally friendly it is due to reduced energy costs. However, installation costs are generally higher than with a built up roof, and the finished product, while very functional, is not nearly as attractive. Other common roofing options similar to this one include PVC and single ply EPDM.

The third most common roofing option for flat roofs is a roofing coating. Such roofing system can be sprayed, such as a silicone coated roof, or they can be rolled on, such as when the roof has a metal surface. Silicone coated roofs in particular are becoming increasingly common and may be the standard eventually. A big advantage is seamless application, which few other methods offer. These surfaces are also excellent reflectors, which reduces energy costs. A silicone coated roof can also resist ponding, which is something that nearly all flat roofs, outside of perhaps a flat living roof, are prone to.

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