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Renton Roofing: Article About Knowing When To Replace The Roof

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Knowing that it is time for a new roof before problems occur can save a great deal of money and hassle. Having the roof inspected on a routine basis and performing small maintenance jobs is important. It is also very important to keep the roof in top condition for resale value.

It is generally recommended that a roof inspection occur annually, in the fall and spring. Usually, starting in the attic is the best place. When looking in the attic, look to see if and where there is sagging in the roof deck first. Next, look for signs of water damage or leaks. This will be evident by darkened spots where water has dried. Light should not enter from the outside to the inside, so this is yet another warning of roof problems. If these warning signs occur, contact a Renton roofing professional for a more detailed inspection.

Looking at the outside is also an important step in determining if the roof is in need of replacement. Look for missing, buckled, blistered or curled shingles. These should be evident and easily spotted. Evidence of rot or the growth of algae may also be evident in more humid climates.

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Keeping an eye out for wear around vents, chimneys and pipes is also an important part of the outside visual check.

Gutters can be checked for granules from shingles. They should look very much like sand, and when they are found in the gutters, it is a sign of wear. The gutter system itself can also contribute to wear on the roof if not properly maintained. Keep gutters and downspouts attached properly and clear of debris.

If problems are uncovered, do not simply assume the worst. Contacting a roofing professional is important, but it will not necessarily mean that installing a completely new roof is the answer. Repairing a roof is often very possible, especially if the roof is less than 20 years old. Roofing professionals that are properly licensed and credentialed will be able to provide a detailed list of options for the particular situation.

In the event that a complete replacement of the roof is necessary, make the decision with the local climate in mind as well as the budget. Do not select a less fire resistant roofing material in dry areas that are prone to wild fires. Consider the long term benefits of spending a little more on a roof that will last significantly longer and require less maintenance. Many roofing options exist that can save money on heating and cooling expenses as well.

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