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Renton Roofing: Article About Inspecting The Roof After Winter

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Winter storms can do a great deal of damage to a roof. Shingles could be torn off, debris can punch holes and the very foundation of the structure can be compromised. Once this happens, moisture can begin to seep into the home, causing damage to support beams, insulation and wiring. This can also encourage wildlife to invade the home as these holes can provide access to a warm and seemingly inviting place to make a nest.

Some of the damage can be seen from the ground level. Wind storms and ice often leave behind evidence of damage in the form of missing shingles or damaged wood from the roof itself. However, this visual inspection can only provide so much information, which is why homeowners should turn to a Renton roofing specialist for assistance.

The smallest of cracks and holes can slowly cause water to drip into the establishment. A closer examination can reveal if the roof is intact and ideal for continued use. This may require someone getting onto the structure and taking a closer look at the surface. A roofing professional knows how to maneuver around the roof without putting the home at risk.

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Without the proper tools and equipment, an inexperienced individual could fall and experience bodily injury. It may also be possible to damage the roof further if someone isn't paying close attention to how he or she is stepping.

In the event the roof has been compromised, it could be months or years before the damage can be made apparent. This is dependent on the size of the holes or cracks left behind by the winter storms. Over time, mold can begin to develop and creatures of all kinds can compromise the insulation and any electrical wiring that is available. Eventually, the water coming into the home will begin to rot away support beams and drywall, creating a dangerous environment for anyone within. As the support beams become more pliable, the roof begins to experience a loss in integrity while supporting less weight as time goes on.

One of the best ways to keep the family and property safe is by committing to preventative maintenance. By spending a few moments inspecting the roof for damage, homeowners could save a lot of money in repair or replacement costs later. Finding the leaks and holes today can reduce the amount of damage the house suffers tomorrow. As it doesn't take long for these problems to escalate, waiting could have dire consequences for the integrity of the roof.

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