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Winter is hard on everyone, and the roof on a house isn't excluded from the harsh effects of cold weather. When the cold, snow and potential for ice dams set in, they can lead to expensive damages if homeowners don't take the right precautions. For advice and the proper steps to take, their local Renton roofing company is the best place to turn.

If the region is prone to heavy snow, the homeowner should have their roof assessed to see how much weight it can hold. If there isn't any preexisting damage or decaying wood, a normal roof on a house should be able to support at least 20 pounds of snow per square foot before it becomes a danger. In areas that typically get massive amounts of snow that don't melt relatively quickly, the snow load is higher, so roofs are frequently reinforced. This factor should always be discussed with an engineer before making that assumption.

Different types of snow weigh different amounts. Fresh snow is much lighter, and a roof can support up to 4 feet of fresh snow before the roof becomes stressed. Packed snow weighs significantly more, coming in at 5 pounds per square foot. This means anything more than 2 feet of old snow becomes too much for the roof.

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When fresh snow falls on top of old snow, the weight increases significantly. Two feet of new snow mixed with 2 feet of old snow mean there's more than 60 pounds per square foot, which is a lot more than most roofs are built to withstand.

When it does snow, it's important for homeowners to remove the ice and snow as it accumulates. Anything that starts to go over 20 to 25 pounds per square foot should be carefully removed. Homeowners shouldn't get on the roof because of the potential of ice and a resulting fall. Instead, specially made snow rakes with long extension handles allow homeowners to safely remove built up snow and ice while standing on the ground. People who are trained to safely remove snow may be hired instead of the homeowner having to do it. Roofing contractors might be able to safely remove snow, too, so a homeowner can turn to a trusted roofing professional.

The roof is often overlooked when it comes to preparing a home for the arrival of winter and all of its snowstorms. To prevent a potentially devastating mistake, every homeowner should have their roof assessed for safety.

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