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Shingles are the most common form of roofing material in the industry, covering homes in both desert and rainy regions with the same protective characteristics. With all the other roofing materials available today, homeowners may not look at shingles as an attractive or cost-effective way to update a property. There are several shingle myths a Renton roofing professional can clear up to help homeowners make an informed decision based on their needs. Tile and metal roof advertising today centers on the various colors and textures these materials bring to the average household. Shingles aren't just black, square shapes across the roof anymore. Today's shingles have unique shapes and colors to match any property. From brick red to deep brown, shingles have color palettes as varied as any paint color. The shingle shaping can be traditional squares, rectangles or even scalloped lines. It's up to the contractor and homeowner to pick the right style before installation. Questionable contractors may try to sell a homeowner on a fast roofing installation based on only a few nails necessary for each shingle. However, a reputable contractor must use between four and six nails for each shingle. Each section encompasses several shingles attached to one assembly. Using fewer nails only makes the installation weaker against wind and rain.

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Part of the roofing labor is removing the old shingles. Be wary of any contractor promising to layer the new installation on top of the old shingles. This layering theory may appear to add more protection to the home, but the new materials have a hard time adhering to the thick shingle installation below. New shingles may actually shed off the roof, exposing the old shingles and possibly damaging the roof below with water infiltration. Any layering attempts also prevent roof deck inspection. Below all the underlayment and old shingles is the bare plywood roof deck. During roofing removal, contractors stop to inspect the deck for any decay or damage. They'll replace some deck sections before adding the new roofing. This extra step saves the home from any future repairs with new roofing failing because of poor deck quality below. From premium asphalt to traditional shingles, these roofing materials are still some of the best products to protect a home from weathering elements. As manufacturing techniques improve, shingles become versatile with looks mimicking slate and even old-fashioned shake. Homeowners should take a look at roofing samples to really see and feel the difference in today's roofing products.

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