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Asphalt shingles are among the most commonly chosen materials for roofing systems. Renton roofing companies frequently provide them as a standard part of installation packages, and many homeowners are able to enjoy attractive and affordable shingle options as a result. These shingles have followed a relatively simple construction formula with the earliest models made through rag felts being soaked in an asphalt solution. This eventually turned into a mat compound made with cellulose and wood fibers soaked in a similar solution.

A major development in the industry was the use of a fiberglass mat to replace the organic one, providing additional advantages to homeowners. Fiberglass mats have better tear resistance and are much thinner and easier to install. Despite more customers preferring the fiberglass varieties, organic asphalt shingles are still in circulation. As a result, both types feature similar warranties that can help homeowners stay covered in critical situations. Sometimes, certain roofing products display signs of early failure with characteristic damage patterns that many homeowners can identify upon inspection. Thermal splitting has become one of the most commonly identified defects, and manufacturers have developed limited warranties to cover their products.

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Many roofers also provide warranties to guarantee that their services will last up to a certain period.

The manufacturer's warranty itself may cover any variety of incidents, including tearing and thermal splitting. More reputable manufacturers, such as GAF, will offer customers a limited product warranty. For many roofing jobs, the manufacturer's warranty will only cover the material cost and not the installation cost. Some contractors, however, choose to extend their coverage to include the installation cost as well. Without the warranty, many homeowners would be reluctant to install new roofing materials, especially if a similar product had already failed in the first place. The warranty not only acts as material coverage for the product, but it can also provide customers with peace of mind regarding the roof's quality.

When selecting a warranty, homeowners should consider a few factors. They should ask about what types of damage the warranty protects against and how long the warranty will remain valid. It is also a good idea to ask about whether the warranty will cover a portion of labor costs in the event of a tear off. Some materials will have longer warranties than others will. Because asphalt shingles are built to last with regular maintenance, it is strongly recommended to look for a longer warranty if the homeowner plans to take care of the materials.

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