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When homeowners spend their money on a new roof, they expect a good warranty. Many top manufacturers offer warranties that range from 15 to 50 years. Some even offer lifetime warranties on the materials. Renton roofing contractors will often offer a separate warranty for a shorter period covering the installation. Dealing with two separate warranties can be confusing to many homeowners. The contractor will be able to explain exactly what their installation warranty covers, but homeowners should read and fully understand the terms offered by the manufacturer before making any assumptions.

Warranties on materials only cover manufacturing defects. They do not ensure the lifespan of a roof. A 30 year warranty does not mean the roof will endure that amount of time. Regular deterioration over time and damage from any source are not covered under these warranties. The length of a manufacturer warranty only refers to the length of time for which defects are covered.

Warranties only cover performance areas that are specifically stated. This includes things like algae or fire resistance as well as any other performance ratings listed for the product. Read the terms carefully. If it doesn't specifically state something is covered, it is wise to assume it is not.

Understanding the details regarding compensation and coverage is critical.

A roofing contractor from Chase NW of Renton would be happy to answer any question you have about roof coatings or roof inspections.

Not every type of claim against a warranty will receive the same compensation. Things like algae growth may only qualify for cleaning service rather than replacement. If wind damage is covered, it will usually only be under specific circumstances, and the company will most likely require proof that the damage in question fits theses parameters.

These and other requirements make choosing a factory certified installer that much more important. Factory certified installers are able to provide the manufacturer with proof that the installation was done to their standards. They will also be the person to call for future claims, since they can come out and provide documentation showing that damage falls within the terms of the warranty.

Finally, be aware of time factors. Many companies require that damage be reported within a specific time frame. In addition to this, coverage is often pro rated. This means that the compensation amounts will decrease as the roof ages.

None of these facts are meant to devalue roofing warranties. This information is simply to give homeowners realistic expectations of what a warranty will or will not cover. Working with an established certified contractor will make the whole process exponentially easier.

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