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With dozens of contractors in one region alone, competition is high within the roofing industry. Because homeowners don't work with a Kent roofing professional every day, residents may be confused about how to hire the right contractor. Not all roofers have the same training and experience, making research a prime goal for all homeowners looking for an installation estimate. Consider some of the normal protocols contractors use to estimate and complete a project successfully.

Most reputable contractors offer free estimates at the homeowner's property. As contractors move about the town, they can schedule a time to stop by to look over a rooftop. These free estimates will break down costs for materials and labor, based on the roof's pitch, size and roofing material. Roofers may use a ladder to survey the roof's surface at close range or even walk up on it for a short time. They must see the material's wear and possible options for a new installation.

Contractors usually make a list of all the roof material options possible for the home. It's not just shingles that can be added, but also tile, slate, shakes and even metal.

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Professionals may have some samples on hand to give the homeowner a close view of color and texture. Both the advantages and disadvantages of each material should be presented. Although most materials are beneficial, each property must be matched with the right roofing option for the longest lifespan.

As materials are discussed, warranties should naturally be brought into the conversation. Manufacturer's and contractor's warranties are the most common. The material's maker has a specific warranty based on workmanship and proper installation. Contractors normally add their own warranty onto the manufacturer's to support any labor issues that may not be covered in the event of a damaged roofing material. Even an extended warranty may be offered, but homeowners should be more concerned about the original warranties initially.

Before settling on a contractor, verify their training and background. Professionals who work closely with the manufacturer often have the best training. They'll visit the factory and learn first-hand about installation steps.

Take a drive around town to see other roof options already installed. A material that may not have seemed attractive on paper could look spectacular on a home down the street. Go over these materials with a roofer to find the right one for the home. From roof weight capacities to installation details, certain materials work safely on a particular property.

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