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When a homeowner decides to have work done on his or her roof, it may be worthwhile to have a formal agreement with the contractor who does the work. Drafting and signing a contract with Kent Roofing professionals clarifies the deal and makes it easier to deal with any issues that may arise during the term of the project. What are some key terms that should be included in such an agreement?

The most important part of the contract deals with how much the job will cost and when payment will be made. In addition, the agreement may also stipulate what forms of payment will be accepted. There may also be language that determines if payment terms change if there is a delay in completing the project or if either side wishes to terminate the job before it is finished. Typically, a contract will state exactly when the job will begin and when it is scheduled to be completed.

Often, a contractor will include a warranty on parts, materials and labor. The length of the warranty and other possible exclusions should be spelled out clearly in the agreement.

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It should also say whether the contractor will fix any issues directly or hire a third-party to take care of them.

What recourse does a homeowner have if any action is taken that doesn't coincide with the agreement? For instance, if a contractor uses materials that weren't supposed to be used or cost more than expected, can the homeowner take action in court? Depending on the language of the deal, it may be necessary to seek an arbitration hearing as opposed to going to court.

If the contract does not call for a homeowner to waive his or her legal rights, the case may not have to be heard in a local court. It is possible for a contract to be worded in a way that allows one or either party to choose where the case is heard, which could make it easier for one side or the other to get a favorable ruling.

Most reputable contractors will ask a customer to sign a contract or otherwise create a formal agreement before starting a project. This increases the odds that the work is done properly and to the expectations of the customer. It can also engender trust between the contractor and the homeowner, which may make it easier to develop a long term working relationship between the parties.

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