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The area around Puget is known for its beautiful evergreen landscapes. While the natural beauty is a big draw for residents, the combination of weather and vegetation can wreak havoc on a house. Roofing damage from environmental factors is a big concern in this area, but there are solutions available from Kent roofing contractors no matter what state a roof is in. Depending on factors such as the roof's age, material and prior damage, solving the problem can be a quick fix or it can get quite expensive.

For new construction and remodeling, it is recommended that homeowners select a roofing material that is resistant to leaks, mold and algae. Coated sheet metal roofing is probably the best option, though not the cheapest. The smooth surface minimizes debris build-up, and with a steep enough slope, the chance of developing serious problems is minimal. Even if a little mold or algae starts to grow in the corners, it is usually an easy task to wash it away.

If traditional asphalt shingles are a better fit, many manufacturers produce mold- and algae-resistant shingles with zinc or copper mixed into the material. These substances are toxic to mold and algae and prevent them from growing. Asphalt shingles are much rougher and require more cleaning when the house is overshadowed by vegetation, especially evergreens because the needles pile up in corners and make great places for mold and algae to grow.

The roofing experts at Chase Construction of Kent WA can assist you with any questions regarding roof repairs or residential roofing.

For roofs that have been around for a few years or more, it is best to begin with a thorough roof inspection to make sure there is no damage to the substructure. This is best done by trained professionals because they will be able to accurately diagnose problems that others might miss. If the roof is structurally sound, the first step is a good cleaning. After clearing the roof of all debris, a good wash will remove most if not all algae and mold stains. There are many chemical algae washes available that will kill the colonies and remove the discoloration. They should not be over used because the harsh chemicals will degrade the roofing material over time.

After cleaning, the roof can be treated with sealant to prevent any moisture from seeping into the wood beneath the shingles and causing rot. Then keeping it sprayed with a mold and algae preventative compound and having regular cleanings will help maximize the roof's life span and keep it looking great.

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