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Regardless of a Kent roofing professional's background and expertise, issues can occur after an installation that require repairs. From defective shingles to missing fasteners, roofing materials can fail with even the best repair processes. Warranties available through the manufacturer and contractor ensure the homeowner is covered for certain losses if the roof does encounter problems.

The manufacturer's warranty is the most common, covering the replacement of defective parts and labor outlined under certain guidelines. If a homeowner notices an issue with a broken shingle within the warranty period, they must call the original installer. That professional replaces the damaged items at no charge. In turn, the professional recoups their costs from the manufacturer. The customer doesn't see any charges to their account, but the contractor is still paid for the services through the manufacturer.

A contractor's warranty is an agreement between the homeowner and professional. These warranties can cover many items but will have some exclusions. It's the contractor who must cover all costs if there's an issue with the installation. To keep this warranty in effect, the contractor may add a clause, for instance, stating preventive maintenance must be performed every few months.

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Both parts and labor should be covered through these warranties but only for specific problems. If a homeowner purposely walks across the roof, the warranty could be voided because of the inherent damage to the materials with each footstep.

Extended warranties are only common when a contractor has the background to cover such charges and projects. If the original roof warranty is about to expire, homeowners may contact the contractor to start an extended warranty. Generally, the roof must undergo a thorough inspection to be certified as a warrantable material. There could be other clauses, too, as the extended warranty is put into effect. Extended warranties may put the roof under solid coverage for another five years, so it's worth the inspection costs to add more time.

Most warranties are based on the same contractor working on the project. The warranties could be voided if any unauthorized people, such as other contractors or even the homeowners, work on the roof material.

Always discuss warranty coverage before a project begins, verifying everything in writing through a thorough contract. If homeowners are unsure of the written terms, they can always consult an attorney. However, most contractors use simple legal terms to make the contract easy to understand, streamlining all projects for the region.

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