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Homeowners who are concerned about the environment and the conservation of resources for future generations should consider hiring a sustainable contractor. While they may not label themselves as such, there are several things that a contractor does that would qualify that contractor as sustainable. Homeowners should ask their Kent roofing contractor about the following practices to ascertain whether they are a green contractor or not.

A sustainable contractor tends to use the longest lived materials. By choosing high quality materials with excellent warranties and installing them properly, a contractor lessens the need for new installations, which in turn lessens the need for the manufacture of more product. For example, a roof that lasts 50 years will only need to be replaced twice in one hundred years. On the other hand, a roof that is warranted for only 20 years will need to be replaced five times. Additionally, having a roof installed with craftsmanship that lives up to its 50 year warranty also means that fewer repairs will need to be done on the home's structure.

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Even when using materials that make use of petroleum products, a long lived roof uses significantly less of them, making the higher quality materials a far more sustainable roofing choice.

Roofing tear offs generate an estimated 10 million pounds of waste annually, but there are recycling centers that specialize in construction waste in nearly every major metropolitan area. A sustainable roofing contractor will make use of these facilities. Recycled asphalt shingles are currently being used in the road paving industry. Galvalume roofing and roofing nails can be separated by magnets and enter the well established steel recycling industry.

Environmentally conscious contractors use energy efficient materials and systems on the homes that they reroof. These contractors know that all of the components of a roofing system work together to keep the home operating at peak efficiency. For example, using a solar powered vent fan uses no electricity of its own and helps the home to stay cooler and use less energy for heating and cooling. Every choice that reduces energy use and promotes efficiency helps to make the home as green as possible.

By choosing a contractor who makes decisions with the environment in mind, homeowners are choosing homes that have the smallest environmental impact as possible. They are choosing to create homes that are comfortable, affordable to heat and cool, and leave the next generation with a world that is healthy.

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