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When homeowners want an alternative roofing material beside shingles, they often turn to metal installations. Modern metal roofs provide numerous color choices and material styles for any household aesthetic. A Kent roofing professional might even suggest a standing seam metal installation to combat any moisture issues. Any water trapped under roofing materials contributes to damage over time that grows considerably.

Standing seam metal roofs are unique because all connection points are covered. Nails or screws aren't visible on these roof types, making moisture leaks into the roof deck nearly impossible. These seams are usually vertically oriented, creating a long paneled shape to the roofline. Rain simply sloughs off to the ground below as the roof maintains its leak-free features.

Homeowners should note there are many standing seam connection designs, but all of them require some fastener attachments. Screws are usually added to create more stability against high winds and other weathering. Because of standing seam's design, fasteners rise above the roof deck about one-half to 1.5 inches. This installation height lifts fasteners off the deck, keeping them as dry as possible. If any leaks do occur, fasteners won't rust or crack from moisture exposure.

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A shingle installation has hundreds of seam areas for possible moisture infiltration. Standing seam metal roofs only have a few dozen connection points, making any possibility of water damage significantly low. Homeowners must look at the two designs and compare their shapes. When seam quantity is reduced, water damage becomes less of a threat. Any water moving into the roof and attic area contributes to structural weakening, mold, mildew and other damaging processes.

One of the best standing seam designs uses locking panels. These panels don't just meet end-to-end, but actually snap into place using hooked edges. Locking panels make installation slightly easier as they remain securely in place until contractors can fasten them with screws. This design also fights off possible moisture issues at the seam. If moisture somehow finds its way under a standing seam, the snapped connection points have some protection against decay. It would take considerable time for water to make its way between the snapped points and into the roof deck below.

Interviewing several contractors is a smart way to start a metal roof installation process. Every contractor has certain strengths and weaknesses, making metal roofs a specialty in many cases. Verify contractors work with locking panels efficiently to have a long-lasting metal roof for nearly 50 years.

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