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For many homeowners, there is often a great deal of confusion when it comes to understanding how their home insurance policy pertains to the home's roof. Many customers call Kent roofing companies with the expectation that work will be covered and are surprised to find out that it will not. This confusion is understandable since a roof is such an essential aspect of a structure, and home insurance policies are designed to protect those structures over the long term.

Insurance companies take the approach that there are two kinds of roofs: those that leak and those that will. Beyond basic maintenance, roof repair can be expensive, and the first significant repair usually indicates that a slew of repairs will continue until the roof has been reroofed or replaced. Therefore, most home insurance policies are designed to cover the roof as little as possible.

What is covered by nearly all home insurance policies, and in many cases is mandated by law, is damage from natural hazards. Most home fires are an example of a natural hazard, and if a home is in an area that is prone to seasonal wildfires, then policies in that area will generally be higher than the national average.

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Most other natural hazards as they pertain to a roof are weather related. The most common type of weather damage is due to wind, and high wind claims are among the most common type of roof related home insurance claims. These usually pay out at an amount that covers the damage.

Homeowners should note that home insurance policies could pay out either replacement cost or actual cash value. This is indicated in the contract and can vary based on what specifically is being covered. Generally, roofs are covered using the ACV method, which means that the homeowner will be responsible for the premium as well as any depreciation. Premiums are an important point to consider as well because there will often be incentives and disincentives based on the new roof.

Maintenance is almost never covered by a home insurance policy, and the insurance provider has the expectation that the homeowner will meet any necessary maintenance requirements. Repairs are often treated like replacements in that only those due to damage from weather or fire are covered. Repairs due to wear and tear are usually not covered. If the repair required is significant and covered, many insurance companies will work out a favorable agreement with the policyholder for replacement because this approach tends to save them money over the long term.

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