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Kent Roofing: Article About Roofing Options For Environmentally Conscious Homeowners

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Today people are always searching for ways to lessen their impact on the environment. For more and more homeowners, options from Kent Roofing have been a great way to make a difference. Selecting the right shape and material for a roof can cut down on energy consumption and wasted materials. Replacing a roof is a big expense, but there are eco-friendly options available to fit most budgets.

One of the simplest things homeowners can do is to install a cool roof. A cool roof reflects much of the sun's heat due to its light color. Most roofing materials can be purchased in heat reflective colors. Asphalt shingles even come in white now. However, they still create a lot of waste versus metal roofing.

Choose recycled materials to increase the positive effects even further. Metal roofing panels are available made from nearly 100 percent recycled materials and last up to 50 years. Some asphalt shingles contain up to 20 percent. The process is getting better every year, but there are better options for those with the money to spend. The longest lasting roofs are slate or clay tile. These can be reclaimed material but the extra cost and weight can add up quickly. The upside is slate roofs can last over a century.

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The best way to help the environment is by going all-natural. These options get expensive and require quite a bit of maintenance but are top of the line when it comes to living green. Sustainably harvested wood shake and shingle roofs offer good insulation and decent heat reflection in addition to being completely biodegradable. They only last about 15 to 20 years and are one of the more expensive options, so keep that in mind.

For low slope structures, a green or living roof is a good choice. It provides superb insulation and heat reflection while absorbing carbon from the air. The added weight and increased maintenance requirements mean the structure either needs to be built with this in mind or reinforced. It will also make simple inspections and repairs much more complicated. If going green is the main goal this is still the best bet.

One last thing many homeowners are looking into is rooftop solar panels. The price has continued to fall as efficiency has gotten better. It is still a hefty up-front investment, but tax incentives and the ability to sell extra energy back to the grid in some areas have made it much more appealing.

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