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Roofs are naturally dangerous to work on because of their height and angle. A Kent roofing professional makes safety a top priority to keep workers and even residents safe during an installation. Homeowners should be aware of specific safety rules contractors follow because this is another indication of a reputable company performing the work.

Harnesses are some of the simplest yet effective safety tools in the roofing business. These harnesses wrap around the worker's back, chest, arms and across the upper thighs. Ropes and other materials connect to the harness and a secure point on the roof. Although professionals are accustomed to stepping on roofs, accidents can occur. The harness prevents the worker from falling off the roof's edge. Almost any angled roof can be serviced safely with these tools securely fastened.

Cleanliness may not seem like a safety parameter, but clean areas reduce footing problems. The roof itself should be swept each day to remove tiny granules. These small pebbles make foot slips possible, creating worker injury and possible damage to the roof. The ground below should also have a neat appearance. All materials must be stacked according to type and away from walking areas. This particular cleanliness issue makes the property safe for residents to walk in and out of during the project, too.

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Nails inevitably fall to the ground as workers pull them out of the old roofing material and install new ones. Most contractors use a magnetic nail-finding tool to pick up all fasteners at day's end. In the meantime, residents should be careful about walking around the property. These nails can hide in grass, making them dangerous to bare feet. Contractors find almost all nails with the tool, making the area safe until the next working day.

Roofers work in the harsh sunlight with possible bad weather every day. It's normal for several breaks to occur during the workday to ensure workers are healthy. They should be drinking water while resting in the shade. Workers who are up on the roof for too long can suffer from heat exhaustion, causing possible roofing mistakes or injury.

Whether contractors use a slide guard or gripping shoes, roof safety should always come before a project's streamlined schedule. If harsh weather is approaching, homeowners should be aware that work should be postponed until conditions are safe. With healthy contractors working in ideal conditions, the roof will have stellar quality for years of leak-free service.

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