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Whether a home requires a new addition or an original roof replacement, the deck or sheathing is the main surface for shingle installation. The sheathing is basically 5/8-inch thick plywood, attaching directly to support beams. When homeowners have reputable Kent roofing professionals on the job, they'll use certain installation strategies to make the decking as secure as possible.

When the roof trusses are exposed, it's difficult to pinpoint where sheathing sheets should be aligned. Contractors use a simple and ingenious method to create a level line across the trusses. They'll stretch a chalkline across the roof about 4 feet above the eave's edge. By snapping the chalkline, it leaves a straight line across the entire roof truss configuration. Contractors use this marker as a reference point to line up the first plywood sections along the eave's edge.

Each sheathing section's edge must line up with the truss's center line. This alignment provides as much stability to the decking as possible. Professionals will roughly align the first sheath section with the trusses. As they add a second section, they'll verify both are centered on the truss before nailing them into place. This verification process reduces alignment errors while streamlining the installation.

Each bulk plywood section is the same size, so contractors start their first row with whole pieces.

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When they move up to the second row, one whole section is cut directly in half and added as the first second row piece. This cutting and staggering tactic allows the roof to remain sturdier under high winds over the years.

Homeowners may notice sheathing rows are extending well past the roof's edge on one side. There's no reason to be concerned about this sight because contractors will trim it when they're finished with an entire roof slope. They'll cut the excess with a circular saw. This trimming idea allows roofers to remove all extra pieces with one motion. It makes the edge appear more cohesive and saves contractors' time. Trimming individual pieces requires a lapse in installation work, increasing workers' time on the job.

Homeowners are welcome to ask questions about the installation, but try to wait until the workday is completed. Contractors will explain their work with as much detail as possible. Interrupting workers to ask questions during the day only lengthens the installation process and could create dangerous situations for roofers and residents. Being courteous allows both parties to work harmoniously for a high-quality final roofing project.

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