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Homeowners may hear that a Kent roofing professional is factory trained, but that concept isn't widely known outside of industry professional circles. When a roofer is factory trained, he or she works closely with one particular manufacturer to learn about a product. Workers spend time at the factory where they learn everything about the item. When homeowners understand the details behind factory training, they'll better appreciate the skills applied to their household project.

Factory training is commonly in a small classroom situation. There may be up to 10 individuals in a class, for example. An engineer or teaching professional goes over all the specifics about a product, allowing for any questions from the class. Dimensions, design details and applications are usually covered over a few days to ensure that participants understand all product features. The product itself is normally on hand for everyone to examine.

Roofers are usually invited into the manufacturing and design area. They'll meet with engineers, assembly personnel and quality control workers. Questions and exposure to the product are part of the training process. When roofers see potential installation issues, for instance, they can ask designers for possible solutions.

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Field application problems are almost nonexistent when roofers have a clear understanding of the product. All roofing products are slightly different from others based on design.

One of the best reasons to participate in factory training is the hands on experience. Roofers actually apply the product as specified by training personnel. They'll go over fasteners, application methods and other details with any questions answered by qualified factory experts. Roofers will need to apply the product as if it's a customer's project, making the training as reality based as possible.

Although hands on experience is crucial, roofers must still pass factory tests to be certified. Classroom teachers will ask each roofer to perform a miniature project. This test is timed and must have all the quality of a homeowner's finished roof project. It's graded by the teacher along with possible engineer feedback. All information about the project is taken as a learning experience. If the work is within specifications, roofers receive a certificate to prove their expertise.

Factory training isn't a one time visit. For most reputable contractors, factory training occurs several times a year for different products. From specialized shingles to metal panels, roofing types and applications vary widely. Factory training on a regular basis shores up workers' skills and makes projects streamlined for all customers.

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