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When the roof begins to leak, the home's vital structures and the family's health are in danger. Mold growth, crumbling drywall, peeling paint and cracked roof materials can lead to substantial amounts of damage if ignored. Drips are not minor. Not only are they aggravating, if homeowners don't find the leaks and have them quickly repaired, the problem will become a more costly project later on.

When leaks are small, a Kent roofing contractor can easily repair them. If put off until another day, homeowners might have to rebuild the attic, install new insulation or put an entire new roof on the house. In addition, mold problems can make the family sick. Even a simple flashing leak can destroy the home's insulation or rot the roof sheathing.

Not all leaks are easily visible. Signs of a leak can be as subtle as a ceiling beginning to bow or a little peeling paint. While most homeowners wait to call a roofer until it's time to run for a bucket, that actually might be too late. Trouble starts long before water seeps through the ceiling and drips onto the floor. Yearly or bi-yearly checkups are always a good idea, especially in wet climates. Weather conditions can be especially hard on a roof.

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Dormers, chimneys, flashing and moldy shingles are good places to start looking for a leak, but most homeowners don't have the qualifications to properly track them down. Getting the help of a licensed contractor experienced in spotting the signs of a leaking roof can save a lot of time and frustration. It is also safer since most issues cannot be seen from the ground. What appears to be a stained roof might actually be algae. Roof vents might have broken seams or cracked housings. Flashing might be rusted or there could be holes from previous satellite dishes or animals.

Once mold begins to grow, it is essential that the roof be fixed right away. Dampness seeping into the attic through the roof will continue to encourage mold growth until the problem is taken care of. If homeowners don't move quick enough, repair bills can skyrocket. Walls might need to be ripped out and replaced. The wooden structures and beams behind the drywall could crumble and rot. Electrical wiring might start shorting out and result in a fire.

While small leaks are easy fixes for experienced contractors, stalling repairs even for a year or two can lead to complex roofing problems.

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