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No person looking to buy a home wants to get stuck purchasing a new roof if they find that the existing roof is at the end of its life. Alternatively, a homeowner looking to sell a home may be interested in raising the value by replacing the roof. One way for a seller or a buyer to determine the condition of the roof is to call in an expert Kent roofing technician for an inspection.

Roof inspections for sellers or potential buyers are very similar to normal inspections. Depending on the roof's material, inspectors check for rot, rust or cracks. The roofer will determine the condition of the roof components, including the shingles, the roof felt and decking. They will also visually inspect the condition of the roof's flashing, the insulation in the attic cavity, the wear around any chimneys and the gutter system.

Additionally, the roof inspector will also take several factors into consideration during the inspection. This includes the existing roof's pitch, age, number of layers, materials it's constructed from and if the roof has had any prior reports.

After the inspection, the potential buyer and seller will be presented with a roof certification. This certification describes the roof's condition, any immediate repairs that may be needed and an estimation of the roof's remaining lifespan.

The expert roofers at Chase NW of Kent can assist you with any questions regarding roof repairs or commercial roofing.

The roof certification can be used as bargaining tool for either the seller or potential buyer.

For potential buyers, having an experienced roofer provide them with a roof certification informs them of what they are purchasing. Depending on the seller, the buyer may ask for a certain amount in credit to make the repairs that are needed. In some cases, sellers may also agree to have the necessary repairs done on the roof as part of the closing agreement. In other cases, the seller may allow a potential buyer to obtain a roof inspection but only for informational purposes. In these cases, the potential buyer may not make requests for repairs or credit.

If the potential buyer is interested in obtaining an inspection, it is also recommended that the seller have their own roofer perform an inspection. This reduces any possible conflicts of interest and gives the seller a chance to make repairs to the roof, allowing them to increase the asking price before putting the home on the market. In fact, most sellers are advised to provide a roof certification as it gives potential buyers peace of mind when making such a large investment.

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