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Homeowners are often concerned about their shingles or gutter systems, but there is much more to a standard roof configuration. The roof deck itself is one of the most important components. Created with basic plywood, these decks attach directly to roof support beams and contribute significantly to structural integrity. A Kent roofing professional should check and repair the deck whenever possible, such as during a shingle installation project.

If roof decking requires repair in one section, contractors will remove all materials to reach the damaged area. They'll typically pull cracked or damaged deck pieces from the trusses, replacing them as needed. Reputable contractors won't try to caulk or seal cracks along plywood sections. These damaged areas will only grow in size, creating more problems in the future. It's best to replace the plywood entirely to start with a fresh surface. The new section should have nails plunging into the trusses at 12-inch intervals. Any roof edges should have 6-inch nail intervals to prevent high wind lifting across the entire deck.

When roofers must remove a large shingle quantity from the deck, homeowners should notice all plywood joints are staggered.

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Because joints don't have a continuous line, this structural design protects the home from weathering damage. Winds could pick up a deck section easily if it has a continuous joint. Verify the roofers are continuing this staggered joint design when they replace deck sections for the best repair quality.

Although decking is nailed securely to the roof trusses, contractors may want to seal the joints with caulk. This flexible adhesive provides water resistance with room for expansion and contraction. Not all contractors use caulk in these instances, but it is another defense against moisture. Regions with many rainy days are often good candidates for caulking at decking joints.

Underlayment must be rolled out across the entire deck. When a roof deck section is replaced, new roofing felt is usually added. This material layer is simply another facet of moisture control at the roof level.

The roof deck is difficult to examine when all shingles are perfectly intact. However, some homes do have access to the deck from the attic area. Contractors can look at the deck from below to ascertain specific issues, such as cracks or leaks. For major deck issues, however, roofers may need to remove some shingles from above to look at the plywood more closely. Maintaining the deck is as important as the shingles themselves.

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