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If a roof is beyond repair, tearing off the old shingles and completely replacing the roof isn't the only option. Installing a new roof over the top of the old one can be a better choice. Whether that's practical depends on the type of damage the old roof has. Damaged or rotted sheathing and wet or moldy insulation would obviously have to be taken care of. In that case, replacing the roof would be essential.

Placing a new roof over the top of a wet or damaged underbelly would only cause more problems later on, so the older roof has to be in fair condition. The advantage of reroofing is that labor costs are greatly reduced because the old roofing materials don't have to be ripped off and hauled away by a Kent roofing contractor. That can be helpful if homeowners are planning to install a metal roof.

Metal roofing can be a lot more expensive than composite shingle roofs, so cutting overall costs is important to many homeowners. In addition, if the budget is tight and the house already has asphalt or composite shingles in place, it isn't difficult for a competent contractor to lay down another layer.

However, recovering the old roof comes with several disadvantages that need to be considered.

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While leaving the existing shingles in place will save time and money, vents must be removed, ridge caps replaced, damaged or misshapen shingles repaired and new flashing installed. If the chimney collar is cracked, that would have to be fixed as well. Reroofing isn't as simple as just laying down a new roof over the top of the old one; a certain amount of prep work has to be done.

In addition, most building codes will only allow two layers of roofing. When the time comes to replace the roof again, stripping it will be more costly because there are now two layers of shingles to remove and haul away. That would be an important factor if homeowners plan to stay in the home throughout their retirement years when funds will be more limited.

Another thing to consider is the extra weight that recovering the old roof will add to the existing structure. While a professional roofer can certainly reinforce the rafters and other structures to make them sturdy enough to handle the extra weight, it might not be worth the trouble. Replacing the roof now would prevent added expenses and work later on.

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