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Metal roofs are popular in wet climates. They hold up well to harsh weather, need fewer repairs and are resistant to wind and fire. However, as metal roofs begin to age, they become more susceptible to leaks, corrosion and heat. Metal roofs need to be repaired in a timely manner to keep them functioning at their best. Resealing the roof with a strong, high quality protective coating can preserve its durability and lengthen its life.

When compared to the cost of tearing off the original roof and installing a new one, having a Kent roofing contractor reseal the existing metal roof is a cost effective way for homeowners to improve the original factory finish. Metal expands and contracts from weather fluctuations, so flashing can work its way loose, allowing seams to open themselves up to the elements. Open conditions enable moisture, rainwater or melting snow to seep past the top layer of roofing. That can begin to destroy the home's structure. Once that happens, insulation can mold, or rafters can begin to rot.

Resealing increases the roof's resistance to corrosion and rust. It can help a roof that looks chalky or faded to look more appealing. It is also the perfect time to change the color of the roof if homeowners would like a change.

The roofing experts at Chase Construction of Kent WA can assist you with any questions regarding roof repairs or metal roofing.

If homeowners are already planning to repaint the outside of the house, resealing the roof can make the home look uniform and well cared for.

Most metal roofs can be easily resealed. Coatings come in roller or spray applications, so an experienced roofing company can help homeowners choose the best coating system for their personal situation. While the metal surface does need to be cleaned and prepped before applying the primer, the result will restore the roof's waterproofing capabilities. In wet climates where moisture, rain and snow are a top concern, that can be essential.

Since the purpose of resealing the roof is to make it watertight and protect it from the elements, homeowners need to choose a roofing contractor that is dependable, reliable and trustworthy. During a thorough resealing job, every nook and cranny needs to receive the coating, and sloppy work won't give homeowners the protection they seek.

In addition, it might not be wise to always go with the lowest price. Improperly installed coatings can actually shorten the life of the roof. Homeowners also need to choose a high quality product. Cheaper coating can become brittle as it ages.

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