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Roof repair is never something that homeowners should do themselves. For an untrained person, climbing onto the roof can be dangerous, and failure to repair a roof correctly could result in major damage to the home. This is why homeowners should consider hiring Kent roofing professionals to inspect their houses and determine whether a new roof is needed. These are a few of the steps that roofing experts take when determining whether a roof needs to be replaced.

Professional roofers usually start by examining the ground around the perimeter of the home. They do this to check for pieces of shingles that may have blown loose. While losing just a few shingles during a storm is considered common, excessive amounts of shingles being blown off is usually a sign that the roof is nearing the end of its life span and needs to be replaced.

After checking the ground around the home, the roofer will climb up onto the roof and start looking for signs of wear such as buckling, curling and cupping of the shingles. When shingles start to do these things, they allow water to run underneath them instead of over the top.

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If only a few of the shingles are damaged, the roofer may be able to quickly replace them with new shingles. However, if most of the shingles are going bad, professionals will usually recommend that the homeowner replace all the shingles because they have likely reached the end of their life cycle.

While on the roof, the roofing expert will also check for discoloration. Sometimes the discoloration can be caused by sun damage, but it can also be caused by algae or moss growth. When moss and algae form on the roof, it becomes dangerous because it makes the surface slippery and indicates that moisture is being trapped under the roof. This is typically a sign that there is a hole or slit in one of the surrounding shingles.

Sometimes the roofer may wish to go inside the house to inspect the ceiling of the home. They will be looking for water damage or to see if there is any sagging in the ceiling. Both of these problems are usually started by roof leaks. The most common area of the house where the sagging or water damage will be seen is in the attic. If the leak has become extreme, there is a chance that it might have effected some of the interior ceilings of the house as well.

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