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Working on a roof is inherently dangerous, so it's important that homeowners contact Kent roofing professionals when repairs or renovations are necessary. It's the job of the on-site supervisor to create a safe working space for roofers and residents. An unarrested free fall from the roof is something that all roofers are trying to avoid. Homeowners should understand certain observable safety practices when contractors climb to the rooftop.

A simple safety protocol that's easily observed is worker hydration periods. Even if it's a cloudy or cool day, rooftops become extremely hot as the day wears on. Workers should drink water every hour to prevent dehydration. Homeowners should also notice worker turnaround every few hours. Employees can work at ground level to organize materials, for example. Other workers remain on the rooftop to perform the direct work. This turnaround practice reduces fatigue and strain that can lead to safety problems.

Although it used to be an option for roofers, guardrails are quickly becoming standard safety items for any sloped rooftop. When a project begins, the first item installed is a guardrail around the roof's edge. This basic wood structure provides something to hold on to as well as a barrier to falls off of the roof. Workers may even add horizontal footholds across the roof itself to further improve safety parameters.

The roofing experts at Chase NW of Kent can assist you with any questions regarding metal roofing or commercial roofing.

Some roofs have extremely steep slopes. In these cases, workers must have 5-point harnesses wrapped around their bodies. Homeowners will see the harnesses clipped to secure roof areas, allowing workers to move safely across the steep surface. Harnesses may be used for standard-slope roofs, but it is usually required that they be used on steep roofs.

Even a low-slope rooftop has its dangers, so homeowners should notice a well-organized space across the roof itself. No tools or materials can be strewn across the roof because they pose tripping dangers. Neatly stacked materials and tools attached to belts are the best way to keep the roof clear. Roofers with messy work areas may fall on the roof or even off the side. Some workers may even be designated to keep the roof organized while others work diligently to install materials.

If homeowners are ever concerned about job site safety protocols, they can contact the contractor's main office. They can work with their field personnel to decide if the right strategies are being used. Reputable and experienced contractors want to keep their employees as safe as possible, so any extra help is always welcomed.

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