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For the most part, a homeowner would not undertake a roofing project unless he or she could pay for it. However, it is often impossible to see a job loss or medical emergency coming before it happens. If a homeowner experiences a change in financial circumstances, what are some options available to ensure that contractors get paid for services rendered?

As soon as an individual has an inclination that it may not be possible to pay a Kent roofing professional on time, he or she should arrange a meeting with the contractor. It may be possible to negotiate extended payment terms or delay a scheduled payment until the end of the project. In some cases, it may be possible to negotiate a lower price on materials or labor to make it easier to continue making payments as agreed.

If a homeowner is having a particularly hard time paying his or her debt, it may be necessary for the contractor to put a lien on the property. What this means is that anyone who has not been paid for work done will be paid out of any proceeds raised if the house is sold. In general, these liens are still in effect even if the homeowner files for chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy.

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Although a homeowner may have debts discharged in bankruptcy, most will want to repay some or all of any outstanding debt balance. Assuming that the homeowner intends to honor the service agreement, a contractor may allow payments to be made over time regardless of how long it takes to repay the debt. If possible, an individual can repay the debt in a balloon payment and have a lien released.

When paying in cash may put a strain on a homeowner, a roofing professional may allow a customer to pay with a credit card. Once the credit card payment goes through, the contractor has been paid and the homeowner will then repay the credit card over time. This may be beneficial for those going through short term cash issues as a credit card may offer 0 percent interest for a year or more.

It is never easy to deal with financial issues that make it harder to pay creditors. The good news is that most contractors will work their customers to make sure that they can get paid while treating their customer with respect. Doing so often results in loyal customers for many years to come.

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