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Open beam home designs are popular among many homeowners. This is when the ceiling of the home is essentially removed, allowing the framework of the roof to be seen. The design itself makes the home appear much larger and open. It's much like a vaulted ceiling without the drywall or other coverings. Although this may be an alluring aspect of the home design, it could provide several complications when it comes to general maintenance as well as repair. It may be advisable to allow a Kent roofing specialist to inspect the structure regularly.

In the event of a damaged roof, a home that supports an open beam design can quickly experience the effects of storms. A compromised structure can allow water directly onto home electronics, appliances, furniture and more. Instead of a leak being contained within a certain area of the insulation, the overall damage could be significant depending on the size of the leak. While most of these designs are developed with an extra layer of protection against such instances, the ravages of time can still create a problem within the roof.

In the event of a collapse, an open design can provide a more dangerous situation than with a traditional ceiling.

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Depending on the weight of the roof itself, a ceiling can reduce the damage to personal property by resisting the collapse. Homes that have open beam construction don't have the same ability to resist the incoming debris. In the worst case scenario, this situation could become dangerous as wood and construction materials can come crashing down below.

When it comes time to conduct repairs, it can be problematic when done on an open designed home. Without the benefit of ceiling support beams, repairs from inside the establishment require additional equipment such as scaffolds. This is more intrusive to the homeowner but a much safer practice than with ordinary ladders. Should someone accidentally fall through the roof during repairs or replacements, this could cause great injuries due to the distance traveled. In a traditional setting, ceiling support beams and drywall can slow and even stop the descent of someone falling through the surface.

The open beam design can deliver a great deal of attraction for those looking for a spacious overhead at home or work. However, the development of these kinds of roofs requires more stability than that of traditional construction. It's imperative that it be inspected by someone with experience to ensure that the installation is sound afterwards. Many homeowners will seek the guidance of roofing specialists in Kent to provide in depth examinations for a newly created roof.

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