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If a roof is damaged, it could mean a lot of work to repair both the roof and any damage that could occur in the rest of the house. For instance, if there is water coming into the home, it could become a place where mold grows freely. Once wood and insulation becomes moist, it could also become a home for pests. Therefore, it is critical that any needed repairs are done immediately by a Kent roofing professional.

The good news is that any repairs made may be covered by a homeowners insurance policy. For instance, if a bad storm or a vandal causes damage that couldn't have been foreseen or prevented, the cost to replace the damaged materials or repair the damage could be reimbursed to the homeowner. However, the age of the roof plays a large role in determining how much a homeowner can expect from his or her insurance policy.

In many cases, a roof that is less than 10 years old will be replaced at little or no cost to the homeowner. If the roof is older than 10 years old, an insurance company may use a sliding scale when determining how much of the cost to cover. Additionally, the insurance company may only choose to pay to repair a section of the roof instead of paying for the entire roof to be replaced.

The roofing experts at Chase Construction of Kent WA can assist you with any questions regarding metal roofing or roof repairs.

It is also important to know that although a homeowners insurance policy may cover roof damage, it may not cover other types of damage done to the home. For instance, the homeowner may need a separate policy to cover water damage or mold damage. To understand what is specifically covered before having any work done, it may be worthwhile to talk to someone from the company providing the homeowners insurance policy. Homeowners may also be able to get information as to coverage limits and deductibles, which could also influence the cost of necessary roof repairs.

Depending on the type and scope of damage done to a roof, an insurance company may want more information prior to authorizing any type of work. This may be done by providing photos, videos or any other types of evidence that can substantiate a claim and get it approved quickly. Once that happens, a professional can get to work on making sure that gutters, shingles and other parts of the roof can be repaired or replaced to a high standard.

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