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Slate roofs are the top of the line, even among premium roofing materials. They are beautiful looking, long lasting and fireproof. Unfortunately, they are also very expensive and very heavy. This makes them an unsuitable option for many homeowners. To overcome these limitations, many companies are producing faux slate roofing. Theses imitation slate tiles come in varying designs and can be made from many different materials. Each material replicates the look and performance of real slate to varying degrees. Kent roofing professionals can assist homeowners with selecting the best match for their project. Still, it is a good idea to have a basic idea of what is out there.

Polymer composite faux slate roofing is molded of different kinds of plastic. These tiles have a flat tab to affix to the roof with the visible molded end shaped with the ridges and texture found on real slate. They are easier to install, allowing most roofing contractors to handle the job. They are also significantly lighter than natural slate.

Clay is another popular type of imitation slate tile. There is no significant savings on weight, and they do require specially trained installers. In function and longevity, they do not differ from other types of clay tile roofs. The only real difference is these tiles are molded to resemble slate rather than smooth.

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Rubber roofing tiles can also be molded to appear like slate. Many of these products are made from recycled rubber. This makes them a more environmentally friendly option than some other materials. They are easier to install but their flexibility may lead to cupping and warping. They are more resistant to impact damage though.

Some manufacturers produce metal tiles from steel or aluminum that are shaped to look like slate tiles when installed. These usually do not have the same realistic texture as polymer, rubber or fiber cement but still make for an attractive roof.

Fiber cement roofing is produced the same way as the siding. These tiles combine beautiful texture and durability. The weight can vary depending on the type and amount of cement applied to the fiberglass backing. The price and visual quality can differ quite a bit as well, depending on the manufacturer.

Before settling on one of these imitation options, consider the full cost of installing and maintaining each versus that of going with natural slate. Depending on the reasons for wanting a slate roof and the amount of work necessary, one of these options can save homeowners a lot of money or very little.

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