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Calling for a yearly roof inspection may seem like a simple appointment process, but Kent roofing professionals must call on specific protocols to cover the area accurately. Because roofs are such large surface areas, it's easy to miss a small crack or break along an edge. Contractors actually use researched and practiced steps when they must provide a detailed inspection quote to homeowners.

Any roof inspection should be greeted by two workers. Placing two contractors on the rooftop gives them a check-and-balance system for safety. They can help each other by being aware of footing and other safety concerns throughout the process. Both roofers can also record measurements accurately and exchange ideas to make the inspection entirely fulfilled.

As the two roofers make their way across the roof, they should maintain a 4-foot spacing. This spacing allows each worker to precisely inspect a given area without taking in too much surface visuals at a time. If workers feel overwhelmed by the roof's size, they might miss a problem. The spacing also ensures that they cover the entire roof without skipping or duplicating a section. Precision and accuracy lead to strong roof lifespans.

Roofers often divide the roof into manageable inspection sections. For example, they may cut off an inspection point at parapet walls.

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Contractors complete an inspection on one roof section, and then move to the other area and begin the process again. Sectioning off roof areas makes the inspection and detail process easier for the roofers, along with simplifying explanations to residents with basic roof diagrams.

Contractors are always looking for obvious roof decay signals, including membrane tears or missing shingles. However, most leaks usually occur at flashing transition points and roof penetrations. Contractors take extra time around pipes, vents, chimneys and skylights to verify any tiny leaks. Flashing along roof valleys and peaks are also closely inspected. Leaks can occur at one point while being visible several feet away. Roofers must check all these areas and repair flashing as necessary to prevent possible water damage to the property.

Although yearly roof inspections are standard, homeowners should also consider an evaluation if a particularly bad storm passes through. Strong roofs can be vulnerable to extreme weather, especially high winds. Calling for an inspection to ensure a trouble-free roof gives the home another lease on a leak-free life. Even a small leak from a bad storm creates large interior stains for years to come.

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