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Kent Roofing: Article About Debris From Roof Repair Or Replacement

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Many Kent roofing customers are surprised by just how much debris is created during reroofing or roof replacement projects. Some are even more surprised to discover that the roofing company does not handle removal of the debris, and the homeowner is left to determine what to do with it.

Homeowners should know what to expect, and total debris can be estimated based on square footage of the roof. The rule of thumb for standard three tab shingles is 250 pounds of debris per square foot. The rule for architectural shingles, which are thicker than standard asphalt shingles, is 400 pounds per square foot. Debris from wood roofing will cause up to twice as much poundage as standard asphalt shingles, and slate roofing will cause four times as much.

When hiring a contractor, an important question to ask is whether debris removal is included in the cost. If not, homeowners should ask how much extra it will cost and be aware that many contractors market their prices without debris removal included. Even if the roofing company does not remove the debris, homeowners should be sure that they will at least approach it with some sense of organization and safety in mind. A good roofer, even if he or she is not removing the debris, will run a magnetic wheel through the yard to ensure that all nails are gone.

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If the homeowner chooses to handle the debris, they should first call their town. Many towns and counties have programs in place to remove this kind of trash. In some cases, the service is provided free to taxpayers, and in many cases, it is offered at a price that is significantly reduced from what is available commercially in the area. There may be local options to remove the roof debris at no charge, which is likely if the material is metal, wood or slate.

Eco friendly roofing is an important consideration these days, and what is done with the debris from a roofing project will have a great environmental impact. Metal roofs are easily recycled nearly anywhere, and the homeowner can even earn a tidy sum if they do the work. Wood, shake, slate and tile roofs can generally be brought to a landfill knowing that the negative environmental footprint is minimal. Asphalt should not be dumped if it can be avoided. Instead, homeowners can bring it to an asphalt recycling plant, keeping in mind that this service will be an additional cost.

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