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Asphalt shingled roofs are a popular option due to cost and how easy they are to repair. However, their short lifespan and susceptibility to weather make it important for homeowners to look at all available options before deciding. In wet areas, choosing the right roof will help homeowners avoid regrets later on. While a Kent roofing contractor can walk homeowners through options suitable for their particular area, here are a few choices homeowners might want to consider.

If the environment is a serious concern, homeowners might want to take a look at an eco-friendly shake roof. Made from 100 percent recycled materials, eco-shake shingles are reinforced with a vinyl and cellulose fiber. This particular shingle has been created to replace wood shake shingles and looks similar. They are suitable for all types of weather conditions, require almost no maintenance and typically come with a 50-year warranty.

Metal roofs are another popular option for wet climates. They are fast becoming trendy due to their benefits. Extremely durable and almost problem free, they resist mold, mildew, insects and fire hazards. When sealed properly by a professional roofer, they can remain rust free for several years. An important benefit is ease of installation.

The expert roofers at Chase NW of Kent WA can assist you with any questions regarding roof repairs or commercial roofing.

Metal roofs can be installed over the top of the existing roof.

One of the newest choices is composite shingles. Composite shingles are made from a variety of recycled synthetics making them eco-friendly as well as attractive. A strong competitor for standard asphalt-shingled roofs, composite alternatives are lightweight and easy to install. They hold up well to rain and heavy winds. Although they are heavier than asphalt shingles, they are generally light enough not to need structural reinforcements like slate or clay tiles do.

Clay tiles are best for areas that don't get heavy snow. Snow and hail can damage clay tiles. Although most brands have additives that strengthen the tile, they are best suited for keeping out the rain or helping to prevent the hot summer sun from overheating the house. Likewise, wood shingles are not suitable for wet climates as they are susceptible to rot and mold. High-quality materials like redwood or cedar will help and so will applying a thick, quality sealer, but they will still take a lot of upkeep.

Since the Pacific Northwest and other damp climates need special considerations when it comes to choosing the right materials for a new roof, discussing the possibilities with a reliable roofing company will help homeowners make the best choice for them.

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