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When a homeowner and a contractor agree on the terms of a roof repair or roof replacement job, they will put the deal in writing. This document is sometimes referred to as a work order or a service contract. While a service contract can be crafted to meet the needs of a particular homeowner, there are several standard clauses in such a document.

First, the agreement should outline exactly what is being done to the roof. For instance, if a Kent roofing expert agreed to install a metal roof and replace the gutters, the agreement would include an acknowledgement of those tasks. While more work can be added to a service agreement at a later date, the original paperwork should include only what has been asked for by a customer.

Second, the price of the project should be included in the contract. This should include the cost of materials and the cost of any labor needed to complete the work. If a subcontractor is going to be used, there should be a mention of who will be involved in the project and who is going to pay for that subcontractor. There should also be an itemized breakdown of all materials used and what they cost to acquire.

In addition to determining how much the work will cost, the agreement should outline how the bill will be paid and when.

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For instance, half of the cost may be required upfront with the rest to be paid upon completion. It may also be possible for the cost of the project to be paid in monthly installments or in a balloon payment at a later date. Language can also be inserted that determines whether work continues if a payment is missed.

If either side wishes to walk away from the project, the agreement should have language in it that specifies when and if this can happen. For example, the contractor may be able to stop work by providing notice and repaying any money that has already been paid to the contractor. The customer may be able to walk away from the contract by paying an exit fee or by providing enough notice.

It is important that a customer and a contractor have a binding agreement in place prior to starting a project. If not, a homeowner could lose thousands of dollars as well as the ability to live in his or her home with little recourse if the contractor decides to walk away before completing the job.

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