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A roof should be both visually appealing as well as protective for any home. Styles of architecture have evolved over time causing different aesthetic appearances of roofs. A metal roof has become both fashionable and functional in residential architecture. When speaking with a Kent roofing contractor, knowing the options in metal roofing can make a huge difference when purchasing a new roof.

In the last 10 years, metal roofing has had tremendous growth in the residential segment of the market. It gives homeowners a cost-effective means of obtaining a durable and attractive roof. A metal roof is not as expensive as many other types of roofs and also requires less maintenance. A roof using asphalt shingles is less expensive, but also has approximately half the life span.

A metal roof is also very energy-efficient where other types of roofing materials absorb heat. Heat absorption keeps attic space warmer, therefore requiring the air conditioning to work harder to keep the home cool. Homeowners that have installed a metal roof have found a savings on monthly energy costs. A metal roof is also a more environmentally responsible decision for many reasons. They last longer than other roofing materials, creating less waste. The metal from the roof is likely to consist of some or all recycled material, and it can also be recycled again once it has reached the end of its life.

The expert roofers at Chase NW of Kent WA can assist you with any questions regarding metal roofing or roof repairs.

The maintenance on metal roofing is also considerably lower or non-existent compared to other types of roofs. A metal roof is designed to be highly durable against most types of weather, including high wind and hail. Asphalt or wood shingles will periodically require repair, but a metal roof is designed to withstand this weather. One concern that many homeowners have regarding weather is noise during a rain. A common misconception is that the metal roof will amplify the rain, creating a lot of excess noise. With the proper insulation, this is not the case. Homeowners with a metal roof have found them to be as quiet as any other type of roof.

Metal shingles are a new option that is highly popular with residential properties. The shingles have a fashionable look and a high level of durability as with more traditional metal roofing. Roofing professionals can provide details about the many options with a metal roof. Regardless of the property, there is likely a metal roofing option that will not only work but will provide added protection, durability and style.

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